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Morel Mushrooms: Powerful Anti-viral and so much more

Morel Mushrooms: Powerful Anti-viral and so much more

Delicious, colorful, elusive and much sought, Morel mushrooms are healthy additions which offer several health benefits for people who consume them.


Morel (Morchella esculenta): Powerful antiviral properties

Also known as Morchella or true morels, this specific type of mushroom has been widely studied, adding support to the numerous health benefits it possesses.


Characterized for its earthy taste and its unique appearance – like a honeycomb -, morels are becoming the favorite ingredient in many gourmet plates thanks to the taste and aroma it can bring to the dishes.


Current research has demonstrated that these types of edible mushrooms, used in traditional medicine for centuries, possess anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory qualities as well as immunostimulatory and anti-tumor properties (5).


Morel’s composition seems to be the reason why this mushroom is a superfood to take in consideration: polysaccharides, and various phytochemicals such as ascorbic acid, tocopherols, and vitamin D as well as sugar, fatty, iron, amino acid, organic acid, B vitamin, and minerals. All these components bring antioxidants, liver, nerve, muscle, and heart health benefits as well as improving your immune system.


Protect yourself and your family from COVID-19 

Another in vitro study provided by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology showed that the polysaccharides from the morel’s mushroom can enhance your immune system activity by improving the anti-inflammatory response of the immune cells (6).


Moreover, different research proved that morel’s mushroom polysaccharides can act as immunomodulatory agents: enhancing, improving, and effectively regulating your immune system activity (7), thus preparing it to effectively fight any virus that wants to enter your body.


Research made in 2002 suggests that the polysaccharide in charge of strengthening your immune system is galactomannan: a compound that helps to increase the macrophage activity, and boosts your adaptive immune system (8).


To take advantage of morel benefits as well as help your immune system to fight viruses as the COVID-19, you can hunt them with company of an experienced forager, find them at you local market, or grow you very own Morel Patch with our Backyard Morel Kit.



  • Melanie

    @Jack – Unfortunately, I’m not very good at growing stuff. It seems that everything I touch turns to dust. But my sister on the other hand, well, she’s got the magic touch. She can grow anything. She’s just ordered the kit and I’m certain she’s going to have great morel mushrooms.

  • Jack

    @Melanie You should also eat as many greens as you can daily (broccoli, salads, spinach, etc) and have at least 2 different fruits daily if possible. The more veggies and fruits we get into our bodies, the better chances we have of beating this pandemic. And yes morel mushrooms are awesome! That’s why I got the mushroom growing kit and I’m in the process of growing my own. Let’s hope I do a good job!

  • Stella

    @Melanie And we shouldn’t forget all the other viruses running around. We’re now focusing on COVID because it’s here and it’s pretty bad but we should take better care of our overall health and strengthen our immune system because you just can’t afford to get sick right now. The hospitals are in high demand and if you get sick you’re mostly on your own. Prevention and getting tougher by eating the right things is the best plan of action. Morel mushrooms are one of the best foods to have right now.

  • Melanie

    Seeing these mushrooms have so many properties: anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory qualities, immunostimulatory and anti-tumor properties gives me hope that by eating them I can keep COVID-19 away.

  • SJ

    This post is a great introduction to morel mushrooms for those of us who have never heard about it. Given the current global situation with covid-19, anything that can help boost immunity is definitely essential in the household. I love that you provide the option to buy a backyard morel kit so anyone can get started right at home even during different phases of lockdown. Great stuff!

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